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Each year, The Rotary Foundation awards up to 50 fellowships for master’s degrees and up to 80 for certificate studies at premier universities.
Master’s Degree program
Accepted candidates study peace and development issues with research-informed teaching and a diverse student body. The programs last 15 to 24 months and include a two- to three-month field study, which participants design themselves.
Professional Development Certificate program
During the one-year blended learning program, experienced peace and development professionals with diverse backgrounds gain practical skills to promote peace within their communities and regions. Fellows complete field studies and design and carry out a social change initiative. This program is intended for working professionals. Fellows earn a post-graduate diploma upon completion of the program.
Applications are accepted Jan-May 15th for the following academic year (2024 >> 2025/26) Learn more here.
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Nicole McNevin, a Wisconsin native, is currently living in Tokyo as she pursues her Master's degree at the prestigious International Christian University (ICU). As one of Rotary International's honored Peace Fellows, Nicole is not only receiving a fully-funded graduate education but also gaining hands-on experience advancing the Rotary mission of peace and conflict resolution. 

So how did this small-town girl land such a competitive scholarship? A combination of strong international experience, language skills, and encouragement from her local Rotary club. Nicole spent four years teaching English in rural Japan as part of the JET program, where she immersed herself in the culture and became fluent in Japanese. This piqued her interest in barriers that prevent youth in rural areas from studying abroad. When Rotarian Betsy Rozelle (Rotary Club of Neenah) learned about the Rotary Peace Fellowship, she immediately thought of Nicole and persistently encouraged her to apply. 
On December 9, 2023, Betsy Rozelle interviewed Nicole with the assistance of District 6270's Rotary Peace Fellowship Committee Chair Larry Myers (Rotary Club of Elmbrook). The recorded interview here provides many insights into the Rotary Peace Fellowship program in general and into Ms. McNevin's experiences specifically. 

Now at ICU, Nicole is conducting groundbreaking research on how to expand access to study abroad programs for Japanese youth in underserved areas. She is collaborating directly with local governments in rural prefectures to distribute surveys to students and identify trends in barriers they face. Nicole hopes her Master's thesis will lead to actionable recommendations for exchange sponsors like Rotary Youth Exchange to reach more students.  

In her scarce personal time, Nicole squeezes in speaking engagements at Rotary clubs across Japan. As one of the only Peace Fellows fluent in Japanese, Nicole is in high demand to discuss the program. She's making connections that she knows will last far beyond her studies. 

What's next for this promising peacebuilder? Nicole is keeping an open mind, but sees herself continuing to promote educational exchange in Japan and bridge cultures however she can – perhaps through nonprofit work, government programs, or corporations.

Nicole's story demonstrates the
In early March 2023, Ms. McNevin gave a presentation to the Rotary Club of Aomori, Japan (RI District 2830) the city where she has lived and worked for the past four years.
In that presentation she explained the following about her Rotary Peace Fellowship: "My overarching objective is to explore the obstacles that hinder young people in Japan from pursuing study abroad programs and to investigate the factors that motivated those who did choose to study abroad. Drawing on my extensive network of friends from across Japan who have studied abroad in high school and university, I will use data analysis techniques to identify the environmental and personal factors that motivate individuals to go abroad. My goal is to focus on areas beyond Japan's major cities, such as Aomori, which have motivated me to pursue this field of study."
Nicole McNevin of Neenah Receives Rotary Peace Fellowship
Rotary International District 6270 is pleased to announce that Nicole McNevin of Neenah, Wisc., has received a prized Rotary Peace Fellowship (RPF) for 2023-2025. She has been accepted into the Master’s Course in Peace Studies, Public Policy and Public Research Program, at International Christian University (ICU), Tokyo, Japan.
The daughter of Mary & Richard McNevin of Neenah, Wisc., Nicole is a graduate of Neenah High School and Wheaton College, Ill. (2017) She speaks Japanese and is currently in the 4th year of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program where she teaches English and culture to students in low-income areas.
The McNevin family regularly hosted exchange students in their home during Nicole's childhood, including one Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) student.  Nicole also had short-term exchange program experiences in Japan.
Concerning her Rotary Peace Fellowship, Ms. McNevin states:  “I applied for this program because of its liberal arts nature, which will enable me to draw from quantitative and qualitative fields to improve my understanding of how to create a more peaceful and equitable world.”
The Rotary Peace Fellowship is designed for leaders with work experience in peace and development. The fellows are committed to community and international service and the pursuit of peace. Each year, The Rotary Foundation awards up to 50 fellowships for master’s degrees and up to 40 for certificate studies at premier universities throughout the world.
The Rotary Peace Fellowship is one of the most coveted, competitive, and financially-lucrative fellowships in the world. Accepted candidates study peace and development issues with research-informed teaching and a diverse student body. The programs last 15 to 24 months and include a two- to three-month field study, which participants design themselves.
Ms. McNevin’s RPF application was supported by the Rotary Club of Neenah and endorsed by Rotary International District 6270. District 6270 is located in southeastern Wisconsin and includes 59 local Rotary clubs.
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