In addition to supporting the countless local non-profit and community needs our Clubs identify, globally Rotary partners with some of the most efficient and talented groups to solve issues, here and abroad.
Helping Hands Habitats
Food. Shelter. Security.
Too many of us take these crucial needs for granted. Nearly 1 in 30 people will be without a home in their lifetimes. These could be your family, friends, or colleagues. Helping Hands Habitats has partnered with Rotary International. We are dedicated to bringing together the community, to benefit all its members. We focus on constructing affordable homes and infrastructure, creating community from the ground up.  
Many hands make for light work. Together, we can lighten everyone's load.

Rotary awards its highest recognition to the United Nations

vital partner for WHO, and our partnership has brought us to the threshold of a historic achievement

Updated 25 Feb 2021 |

Rotary and the Gates Foundation extend funding match for polio eradication

fundraising partnership, which generates up to $150 million annually for polio eradication, will continue

Updated 20 May 2020 |

Rotary and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation extending fundraising partnership to eradicate polio

Rotary and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation extending fundraising partnership to eradicate polio

Updated 19 Oct 2022 |

Rotary International and Peace Corps renew partnership

Rotary International and the Peace Corps are excited to announce a renewal of their partnership

Updated 28 Sep 2021 |

Rotary and ShelterBox renew global partnership

Rotary and ShelterBox renew global partnership

Updated 7 Jun 2022 |

Rotary and ShelterBox celebrate the power of partnership

Rotary and ShelterBox celebrate the power of partnership


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Updated 11 Jun 2021 |