What is Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE)?

RFE is a program that gives Rotarians and their families the opportunity to experience other cultures firsthand. This is done by participating in reciprocal visits with Rotarians from other countries and their families.
  • Its goal is to advance international understanding, goodwill, and peace through person‐to‐person contact across national boundaries. 
  • It is an exchange of people who are motivated by a sincere desire to learn about others and to share international fellowship. 
  • It is a fun and exciting opportunity that can be an effective tool in promoting better human relations around the world.


Lifelong friendships.
A deeper understanding of culture and traditions that the internet can’t provide.
Experiences you can’t get on a normal vacation.


It is common for Rotary projects to come out of the connections built during RFE. To name a few we've been part of,
In 2023, together D6270 completed a water project with Uganda that is helping 48,000 people get clean water.
In 2017-2018, with District 2982 the Dialysis Machines project was completed in Virddhachalam, India.

What’s Coming Up in 2024

Outbound RFEs 

May 11-24: Vietnam
November: Southern India (Postponed)
November: Northern India, an optional 3-7 day extension (Postponed)

D6270 Hosting Inbound Rotarians from…

Spring 2024 - Tamil Nadu, India 
May - Tanzania, Africa
June/July (over the 4th) - New Zealand
Note: The 2024 outbound exchange to India has been postponed. We've kept it here so you can see what's being planned.

How YOU can get involved


Those interested in participating in an outbound exchange should click here to email Julie Craig to request an application.
Contact Julie directly or through your Club President your interest(s):
Hosting delegate(s) for a night or two.
Supporting Rotary Friendship Exchange through the District 6270’s Foundation.
Julie Craig - PDG & RFE Chair, RI District 6270
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