In the past we have provided youth protection training at the spring and fall seminars, or we have met with the club to conduct the training.   This will no longer be done.  All president’s-elect got this information on the “Continuing Support Form” that they got at PETS this past March.




     The abuse and harassment prevention training that we have done will now be done online.  As in the past,  this training is required every three years.  At least one member of each club should have this training.  This training is required for all clubs involved in activities that include youth, such as Interact, Rotaract, and many other youth activities, including young adults. If your club is participating in the youth exchange program then the students counselor and the youth exchange officer must also take this training and Department of State Certification Test.
     In addition, the youth exchange officer must also be certified by the U S Department of State prior to beginning the placement of any student.  This must be done each year.

Those involved in youth exchange should contact:

Karen Stauffer  Youth Exchange Only


How do you get the abuse and harassment prevention training?

  1. Each member to be trained needs to complete a volunteer affidavit, if they have not done one in the past 3 years.  There is no fee for this.
  2. For the abuse and harassment prevention training contact:

   District 6270 Youth Protection Committee:
Robert Hosch, PDG
Tamie Koop, PDG


     Be sure to remind your members that they must keep the youth protection committee advised about any change in their email address.
     Should you need any assistance with this please contact one of the members of the youth protection committee listed above.