Haiti Vision/Water Projects Seek Volunteers & Contributions


The Lake Country Rotary Club has been running a vision project in Haiti for 12 years.  The club currently does not have sufficient funds to fully support the project in 2020.  The project examines people’s eyes and gives them glasses when needed.  The project serves about 1,000 or more people per week.  It is in much demand from the people in the lower central plateau area of Haiti.  We have a staff of 12 Haitians who assist a team of 7 or more volunteer Rotarians and others serving in the project.  We have a good supply of glasses and equipment stored in Mirebalais, Haiti for the project.


For five days of clinics it would cost about $3,500, for 6 days $4,800 and for a two- week project (10 days of clinics) it would cost $12,000 in addition to money we currently have allocated, which includes a district grant.  In the past we have served 2,000 to 2,800 people in 10 days, at multiple clinic locations.


We are also looking for volunteers to participate in Haiti in January or February 2020.  It costs about $750 plus airfare for a 9 to10 day trip. Current estimate for airfare is $650 to $800.  We stay in a nice hotel with pool and eat supper in a safe restaurant.  No experience is necessary.   Anticipated starting date is Jan. 25, 2020


I will also be distributing water filters in Haiti in January 2020.  The cost to us is $30 per unit.  My goal is to be able to buy 1,300 filters.  These family size filters go a long way to prevent water born diseases such as Cholera.  Volunteers are needed to assemble and distribute filters.


For more information or to pledge or contribute contact Ken Schumann at dr.kenschumann@gmail.com or 920-474-4731.