January is Vocational Service Month

Happy New Year. I hope the Holiday Season was peaceful and kind to you. For Janice and me, it is the best time of year. A time to reflect and a time to make plans for the new and coming year. What are our plans for Rotary? Let us make sure we continue to increase the reach and impact of Rotary and “Connect the World”.

Our clubs are a collection of members from many different vocations, people with many different skillsets, knowledge and experiences. Let us use this treasure chest to make a difference.

Look at the Club’s current membership and make sure as many vocations as possible are represented. It was our founding father’s basic philosophy. It makes for a diverse club and will better represent the community we serve.

Membership is still a concern in our District, the last available number shows a net loss of 18 members. We can do better! I know many of the Clubs are working hard to increase membership and expand Rotary’s impact and reach. Let us continue to focus and reach our goals for membership. Invite a family member, neighbor, friend or co-worker.

The final amount of money raised on End Polio Day was $20,047.89, which translates into $60,143.67 including the match from The Bill Gates Foundation. Thank you for all your efforts.

The registration for the District Convention in Oshkosh, May 1st and 2nd 2020, will be available in the beginning of January. Please mark your calendars, register and come join other Rotarians from our District, celebrating all the Club’s and District’s successes and accomplishments. The Convention will feature amazing programs, inspiring speakers, fellowship, and a gala at EAA Saturday night.

And do not forget to register for the International Conference in Honolulu. Go to www.rotary.org and register. I look forward to seeing you there.

I am grateful for the hard work you have done in the first six months of our year. Let’s push the envelope and make the coming six months even more successful.