January - Our Halfway Marker

Welcome to 2015!   Happy New Year to you and your families, and may it be a very happy and healthy year for everyone.  
I can’t believe we are already at the midway point of the Rotary year!  That means, of course, that we should be at the midway point of achieving our goals for the year.  We discussed goals at my official club visits and I ask that you take a few minutes now to review those goals, both at the club level and at your personal level.   If you are on track – congratulations !   If not, it may be time to review your plan of action and put it in motion.        
A quick review of the goals we discussed:
  1. MEMBERSHIP -  The more members we have, the more people we can help and the more good we can do in the world.   Keep your ‘ASK’ in gear and grow your clubs.      If your club goal has already been achieved, consider adjusting (hopefully upward!) based on your planned member attraction efforts for the rest of the year. 
2.  THE ROTARY FOUNDATION AND END POLIO NOW  -   Have you achieved 50% of your giving goal this year ?  (As I review the reports, our district is only at 26.62% as of December 31, 2014.   Only 22% of club presidents and 7% of presidents-elect have made a personal contribution this year.)   As we learn about the fantastic things accomplished by Rotarians around the world, it is hard to believe that many of our members  don’t contribute anything to our foundation.   There are many worthwhile projects being completed by clubs in this district, and contributions to the Foundation enable us to help your clubs with funding.   But if we don’t GIVE to the foundation, we don’t GET matching funds back.   And we cannot forget about the fight against Polio.  We are so close. We certainly can’t afford to give up now.   That disease is still only a plane ride away from our children and grandchildren.  Involve your communities - tell the Polio story - and continue that fight.    I know that we all have our favorite charities, but as Rotarians, our own foundation should be one of our favorite charities.    That means EVERY member should be participating in the great work of this organization.    Please do what you can – whether that is $25 a year, or $100, or $1000 or more – every dollar helps.
3.  INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATION - How are you doing on this goal?   Do you have a project in another country?  Are you helping another club with their international project?   Are you sponsoring a Rotary Youth Exchange student?    If not, are you inviting one from another club to speak at one of your meetings?    Do you invite speakers from clubs that are involved in an International Rotary project?  
4.  EDUCATION AND FELLOWSHIP - Did club members attend Fall Seminar?    How many club members are attending the district conference in May?   Is your club sending two members to one of the Grant Management Seminars?    Do you invite Rotary speakers or have club meetings to educate members on various Rotary programs and activities?
5.  PUBLIC RELATIONS - Does your community know who you are – where you are – and what you do ?   Are you sponsoring a ‘Rotary Day’?    Are club members encouraged to wear their Rotary pin every day?   Are you sharing the Rotary story with family and friends?   
6.   HAVE FUN --   This is the most important goal!   If we are having fun while we continue to do the great things we do, we will have potential new members beating down our doors! 
CLUB PRESIDENTS, PRESIDENTS-ELECT, and BOARD MEMBERS   ---  Remember, YOU are the leaders of your club, and leaders lead by example.    Are you the first to sign up for seminars, conferences, or assemblies?   Have you made your contribution to the Foundation and to End Polio Now?   Have you sponsored a new member lately?  Do you proudly wear your Rotary pin every day?  Your club members have chosen you for your leadership skills.  Now, use  those skills to show the way.
Finally, I encourage you to review the requirements for the Presidential Citation  and complete those as soon as possible.    I’d love to present that citation to every club in the district!
Thank you again for everything you do, and let’s continue to