April is Maternal and Child Health Month

 April is here and I am sure glad to see some signs of Spring around us. The month of April is Rotary International’s month for Maternal and Child Health which is something that is critical to the foundation of any community’s growth or survival. According to the American Public Health Association, “far too many women, infants and children worldwide still have little or no access to essential, quality health services and education, clean air and water, and adequate sanitation and nutrition.”Improving the well-being of infants, children and mothers should be an important public health goal for every country because their well-being impacts and determines the health of the next generation but unfortunately, that is not always the case in different parts of the world. As Rotarians, let’s continue to locally or globally support projects that positively impact the well-being of mothers, children and infants with our selfless services, and contributions.
With regards to the dual district conference (DualCon 2019), we are seeing some registration numbers (currently less than 60 people are registered from our district) and I know we can much do better than that in a district of over 2700 members. It will be sad for District 6220, with its clubs being the farthest to the event venue and having less members, to outdo us in Rotarian participation (as of today, they currently are.) Please note that the block of rooms on hold at the hotel/resort has a cutoff date of  April 26, 2019 so kindly register via the website at www.dualcon2019.com and if you still do not see the hotel reservation code in the special note on your order receipt, please contact Dana Kohlmeyer (dana.kohlmeyer@rotary6270.org) or myself (kola.alayande@rotary6270.org) for the hotel registration code.
There is upbeat news for the district in terms of club development, with the recent formation of a second satellite club in the district to be officially known as the Rotary Satellite Club of Mequon-Milwaukee Afterhours Passport (RSCofMMAP.) 
Also, there was a positive uptick in the registrations for the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg because according to the message I received from RI yesterday, we now have 52 people registered to attend, which is 4 more than it was 2 weeks ago.
Thanks to everyone and have a great month.