August is Membership & New Club Development Month

Membership is the key to a successful Rotary World. Rotary needs to grow with good new active members. We need a diverse group of people, representing the communities in which we live, more women and young people. The message from Rotary International is loud and clear. We need to evaluate the way we do business. Do we provide value to our current members and can we attract new members with our current format? I have started my club visits and have been listening to the conversations in the clubs. I am very encouraged!  Rotary has opened the gates to new types of clubs -Afterhours, Satellite, E-Clubs, and Passport Clubs. Rotary must accommodate a changing world. The District is ready to support the effort. Contact Cathy Christensen, Membership Chair at, or Kola Alayande, New Club Development Chair at, to access additional resources. Also visit “My Rotary” to download, for new members “Rotary Basics” or “Guide to Corporate Membership” or “Guide to Satellite Clubs”, among others.

The new District Strategic Plan was published this past week and is available on the District website. Thanks to Jeff Reed, his committee, and the many voices from all corners of our District that participated in the development of this plan. The District has a mission and plan to guide us the next few years and we can now start the implementation.

When planning events or fundraisers, be sure your club is covered by RI’s insurance. You can find more information on the RI website or contact Rick Debe,

The Rotary Foundation’s fundraising goal for Polio was met and exceeded last year. The goal was $50 million and $50.8 million was raised. Thank you so much to everybody who donated!

It is an exciting time in our District and in the Rotary World. Let Rotary Connect the World.  Have a great productive summer.