Rotary Connects the World

 We are starting a new Rotary year with Changing of the Guard in the Clubs and in the District. With fellowship and a lot of smiles, we have changed to new leadership. I hope the leadership teams in all Clubs are ready for another  active Rotary year, where we are going to Connect the World and do good with our Rotary projects and activities.


Mark Maloney, the new Rotary International President, has asked us to put emphasis on the following: 

  •     Grow Rotary by attracting new good members and retain our current members. Flexibility, diversity and new thinking will secure Rotary for the future.
  •     Make Rotary family friendly by including family and friends in Rotary meetings, activities and projects.
  •     Support, The Rotary Foundation and its activities by donating to PolioPlus, The Annual Fund, and The Endowment Fund.
  •     Make it easier for young Rotarians and working Rotarians to join the leadership team in Clubs and the District.
  •     Celebrate UN’s 75th Anniversary.
  •     And have fun and fellowship.

Personally, I would like to see a world at peace. One of our areas of focus is “Peace and Reconciliation” and we as Rotarians have an opportunity and an obligation to make a difference. Let’s do something about it! 


In the coming months, Rotary International (RI) and The Rotary Foundation will announce the new strategic plan for RI. Soon our District will do the same. I look forward to sharing with you how our District sees itself supporting and helping the Clubs move the mission of Rotary forward. I look forward to visiting the Clubs in our District and hearing about the difference we make.


We are looking for small articles with pictures of projects, fellowship, or any reason you have for sharing with other Clubs on the District website. Please send the material to


Let’s get started on a new Rotary year. Stay in touch. Do good work and I look forward to seeing you soon.