Rotary International Districts 6270 and 6220 from Eastern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan recently funded and delivered a customized trailer outfitted as a mobile emergency room to the Mykolaiv region. This area has faced heavy attacks during Russia's invasion, damaging healthcare infrastructure and cutting off access to essential medical services.

The sturdy mobile unit serves as a rapid-response platform to directly bring urgently needed trauma care to communities near the front lines. A Mobile Emergency Clinic (MEC) is staffed by military doctors and equipped to handle minor injuries, infections, childbirth, dental procedures, and other emergencies. The MEC contains an exam table, monitors, medications, surgical tools, testing supplies, and other basic equipment to diagnose and treat patients on-site.

Its durable, thermally insulated construction allows the MEC to withstand nearby blasts and operate in harsh conditions with backup power, climate control, and water filtration. This enables lifesaving treatment to continue even if local utilities are disabled. The reinforced design provides security for staff and patients in risky areas deemed inaccessible to soft-walled field hospitals.

Rotary International coordinated an international fundraising effort to support Disaster Response Grants like this one, used to purchase the custom MEC. Supplemental medical equipment brings the clinic’s value to nearly $50,000, including an IV fluid warmer and video laryngoscope. This enhanced MEC was recently delivered to the Mykolaiv City Council's Center for Primary Medical and Sanitary Aid to serve the region's needs.

Rotary International districts have funded approximately thirty such MECs and supplies as Ukraine struggles to rebuild decimated infrastructure. For now, these mobile clinics are bringing healthcare directly to Ukrainians when they need it most, saving lives throughout the Eastern and Southern Ukraine regions.

To contribute to this and similar efforts, please visit and select the Ukraine Response Fund.