Rotary District 6270 is now seeking candidate proposals from Rotary Clubs for the position of District Governor in the 2026-2027 Rotary Year. This is an invitation to step into a leadership role that comes with the esteemed responsibility of being the ambassador of Rotary International within our district. We are actively seeking the next District Governor for the 2026-2027 Rotary Year, and the opportunity is extended to Rotary Clubs to put forth their candidates.

As a District Governor, you embark on a life-changing experience that involves training, planning, team assembly, and budget collaboration. You become a guiding force in Rotary District decision-making, actively participating in its evolution leading to your year as Governor. Your role extends beyond words. It is about taking meaningful actions that drive Rotary's mission forward. To delve deeper into what it takes to be a District Governor, visit My Rotary.

Candidates are expected to participate in a committee interview process scheduled and announced before November 14, 2023. We encourage you to engage with Past District Governors and current DG leadership roles to explore the possibilities of this position fully.

District Governor nominations originate from Rotary Clubs, who submit their candidates through the completion of a Governor Nominee Data Form. Nominees must maintain active membership within the nominating club. Please ensure your nominations reach us no later than October 15, 2023, by forwarding them to Committee Co-Chair, Lisa Werner.

The journey to becoming District Governor is a transformative experience, one that leaves a lasting legacy of service and leadership. We encourage all eligible and passionate Rotarians to consider this incredible opportunity and take action before the October 15, 2023, deadline. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact on our communities and the world through Rotary.