Welcome Club President-Elect!
These resources are designed to provide you with educational opportunities that will add to your knowledge base, and make it easier to lead your club as president.  
For Rotary International online learning courses such as Is Your Club Healthy, or Club President Basics, go to the Rotary International Learning Center. You will need to create a My Rotary account first in order to login.

Please take a moment and mark your calendars right now for the following items:

Midwest PETS

Fri. Mar. 6 afternoon through Sun Mar 8, 2020 noon
Westin Chicago Northwest, Itasca, IL

This multi-day PETS session is required of all Rotary presidents-elect in the world. Seven Rotary districts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois -- comprised of approximately 350 clubs – jointly put on one of the best Rotary educational experiences in the world, right here in the Midwestern US. In my years as assistant governor, and in the run-up to the district governor position, I have attended Midwest PETS five times. I can tell you that it will provide you with a wealth of knowledge that will help you to be the best president you can be.

IMPORTANT: Rotary International will not let you serve as club president unless you attend PETS.  If you have a conflict, you may attend another PETS elsewhere in the US, or send someone else from your club in your place. If that’s the case, let me know and we’ll work you through the mechanics of that substitution.

Registration & Next Steps: You will have already received email over my signature from the Midwest PETS team. If you’ve not yet registered, please go back to that email, and click the “register” link.

Rotary Club Health Check

Self-paced individual learning online via RI Learning Center on www.rotary.org

The Club Health Check is an exceptional tool produced by Rotary International that will help you to “take the temperature” of your club as you prepare to be its leader. I am asking each PE to make use of the Health Check before PETS Orientation. Not only will it help you to see where your club is strong and where it needs help, it will also help you to discover areas where you would like to focus on educationally. I’ll be asking you to share those discovered focal areas with me before PETS, and the team will do its best to tune the existing PETS curriculum as much as possible to cover these items of importance.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Craig Burnett
District Governor Elect (DG 2020-21)
Rotary International District 6270