Thank you for stepping up to lead your club in the 2022/23 Rotary year! Club leadership is more important than ever before, and your district leaders are here to support you in any way we can. Preparation for your upcoming year as President will be delivered in a variety of ways: 
To round out your preparation, we have selected learning modules from the Rotary Learning Center to create a D6270 PETS Training Plan. The modules complement your PETS sessions. A Training Guide that details the courses and includes the course ID, description, and estimated time of completion can be found on the Club President Resources page on the district website, linked here: Learning Center modules do NOT have to be completed in one sitting. You can start, pause and resume to fit your schedule. A login is required to access the Learning Center. If you do not have one set up, instructions are also on the page. 
We are excited to work with you and watch your club continue the good work of Rotary!
Let's get ready to lead!
Mike Phillips
District Governor 2022/23
Lisa O’Halloran
District Trainer 

Welcome Club President!
Congratulations, your club has selected YOU to lead! This page offers resources to support your preparation and learning for the year ahead.
Highlights include:
Lead Your Club: President Edition
This guide covers role expectations, tips on setting goals and running meetings, strengthening membership and promoting Rotary, service projects and The Foundation, and more. Bookmark the page or download a copy for quick reference!
PE Training Guide 2022
We have identified modules in the Rotary International Learning Center that will complement the PETS curriculum to increase your knowledge and skills. The "PE Training Guide 2022" document linked on the left is a checklist of the modules to complete. The modules are easily accessed via a custom learning plan on the RI website, and you can access it here: District 6270 PETS Training. You will need to create a My Rotary account first (if you do not already have one) in order to login. See instructions on this page.
Rotary Club Health Check
The Club Health Check is a tool produced by Rotary International that will help you to “take the temperature” of your club as you prepare to be its leader. Not only will it help you to see where your club is strong and where it needs help, it will also help you to discover areas where you would like to focus.
Member Diversity Assessment
Diversity refers to inclusion of people from many groups. Diversifying your club is a source of innovation, as well as one of Rotary's core values. The Diversity Assessment is a framework for gathering and assessing data that will help guide club actions.