District Governor Nomination Notice for 2025-2026
Rotary District 6270 is now seeking candidate proposals from Rotary Clubs for the position of District Governor in the 2025-2026 Rotary Year.
Action Step: candidate nominations must be received by October 15, 2022
Serving as Rotary District Governor (DG) is a great honor. Governors are the official representative of Rotary International in the district. The mission of a Governor is to lead clubs, inspire Rotarians, and engage the public by articulating Rotary’s role in our community. District Governors serve for one Rotary year, from July 1 to June 30.  Governors are actively engaged in District decision-making leading up to their year as Governor.  Serving as District Governor is a life-changing experience. As they prepare, Governors receive training, plan, assemble their teams of volunteers and collaborate to create a budget.  You can learn more about serving as District Governor by downloading Lead Your District: Governor, published by Rotary International. 
Duties of the District Governor (Rotary International Bylaws 16.030)
The governor is the officer of RI in the district, functioning under the general control and supervision of the board. The governor shall inspire and motivate the clubs in the
district. The governor shall ensure continuity within the district by working with past, current, and incoming district leaders. The governor is responsible for:
  1. organizing new clubs;
  2. strengthening existing clubs;
  3. promoting membership growth;
  4. working with district and club leaders to encourage participation in a district leadership plan as developed by the board;
  5. furthering the Object of Rotary by providing leadership and supervision of the clubs in the district;
  6. supporting The Rotary Foundation;
  7. promoting cordial relations among the clubs and Rotaract clubs and between the clubs, Rotaract clubs, and RI;
  8. planning for and presiding at the district conference and assisting the governor-elect in planning  and preparing the PETS and the district training assembly;
  9. conducting an official visit to each club, individually or in multi-club meetings, that maximizes the governor’s presence to:
    1. focus attention on important Rotary issues;
    2. provide special attention to weak and struggling clubs;
    3. motivate Rotarians to participate in service activities;
    4. ensure that the club constitution and bylaws comply with the constitutional documents, especially following councils on legislation; and
    5. personally recognize the outstanding contributions of Rotarians in the district;
  10. issuing a monthly communication to each club;
  11. reporting promptly to RI as required by the president or the board;
  12. providing the governor-elect, before the international assembly, full information about the condition of clubs and recommended action to strengthen them;
  13.  assuring that district nominations and elections comply with the constitutional documents and RI’s established policies;
  14. inquiring regularly about the activities of Rotarian organizations in the district;
  15. transferring district files to the governor-elect; and
  16. performing any other duties as are inherent of an RI officer
Qualifications of a Governor-nominee (Rotary International Bylaws 16.010)
Unless excused by the board, the person selected as a governor-nominee shall at the time of selection:
  1. be a member in good standing of a functioning club in district 6270;
  2. have served as club president for a full term or as charter president for at least six months;
  3. demonstrate willingness, commitment, and ability to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a governor in section 16.030 of Rotary International Bylaws.;
  4. demonstrate knowledge of the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of governor as prescribed in the bylaws; and
  5. submit to RI a statement that the Rotarian understands those qualifications, duties, and responsibilities, is qualified for the office of governor, and is willing and able to assume and faithfully perform those duties and responsibilities.
Nominee candidates must complete a Governor-nominee Form accompanying this online notice.
Additional Requirements and Expectations
  • Rotary International Bylaws 16.020: unless excused by the board, a governor, when taking office, must have attended the international assembly for its full duration, have been a Rotarian for at least seven years, and continue to possess the qualifications in section 16.010 of Rotary International Bylaws.
  • Candidates must participate in a committee interview process.  Date and time in late fall 2022 will be scheduled and announced.
  • Proposed candidates should discuss opportunities of this position with Past District Governors and those serving in the current DG leadership roles. 
  • Upon selection as District Governor Nominee Designee (DGND), there are expectations of attendance at District meetings such as District Board Meetings and Events.
  • For the person selected as 2025-2026 DG for District 6270, attendance is required at Zone Training sessions (held in fall each year prior to taking office), in addition to the Rotary International Bylaws (16.020)-mandated attendance at the international assembly immediately prior to taking office on July 1. 
Governor Nominations
  • Nominations for District Governor are made by Rotary clubs, not by individuals. Rotary Clubs submit members as candidates to be considered for the role of District Governor using a Governor Nominee Data Form to propose their candidate.
  • Candidates proposed by clubs must be active members of the club making the nomination.
  • Nominations should include the completed and signed Governor Nominee Data Form and a Rotary Resume for the nominee.
  • Nominations must be received by October 15, 2022, by Committee Co-Chair:  PDG Craig Burnett (Craig.Burnett@rotary6270.org).  Receipt of nominations will be confirmed by e-mail. 
Selection Process
  • Candidates whose paperwork is received by the deadline in good order, and who meet the qualifications, will be invited to meet for an in-person interview.  The interview will be conducted on a date to be set by the District Nominating Committee created in accordance with the provisions of the District 6270 Manual of Policy and Procedure.
  • Interviews are conducted by the District 6270 Nominating Committee, made up of members of the district. 
  • Interviews typically last 45-60 minutes and cover a wide range of topics.
  • The full selection process will be completed by December 1, 2022. 
  • The Committee "selects" and proposes a candidate to be District Governor Nominee Designee (DGND). 
  • The DGND must be approved by the district at the 2023 District Annual Meeting, certified by Rotary International, and elected at the RI Annual Meeting one year prior to service. 
Serving as co-chairs of the 2022-23 District Nominating Committee are PDG Craig Burnett, Craig.Burnett@rotary6270.org and PDG Lisa Werner, Lisa.Werner@rotary6270.org.